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Customizable Add-Ons

Personalized Plush Throw Blankets $25

Coordinating throw blankets that double as party favors! You'll add extra color to your party, and your guests will feel extra-special taking home a customized blanket!


Personalized Sleep Mask $7

Pamper guests with their own sleep masks! They'll be dreaming of this party for many nights to come!


Customized Tumbler (style may vary) $20

Give your guests a party favor that's fun AND will help keep your house clean by preventing spills!


Custom Pillow Case $15

These are great to personalize your party and really make your child feel like a star, but they can also be great for crafts (decorate with fabric paint and markers) or even have guests sign each others pillows as a special momento!


Personalized Make Up Bag $20

Perfect for a spa party! Add this make up bag to any party and fill with your favorite pampering items!


Anything else?!

If you can dream it, we can probably make it! Please message us with any ideas and requests you may have!


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